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Ham, cheese & Pepper Quiche

You’ll need

7 eggs

1/3 cup milk

1/2 cup cheese squares (your choice)

1/2 colored pepper chopped

1/2 cup diced ham chunks

Salt and pepper

In bowl crack eggs and mix milk salt and pepper, beat until smooth and one color. This is important to get the right texture and make sure it’s fluffy. Dice ham, peppers and cheese. Spread out evenly into a pie pan, pour egg mixture over top and place into pre heated oven at 375. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until eggs are cooked through and top vegans to brown. Remove let stand 5 minutes before cutting. Can also top with hollandaise sauce for an extra yummy treat (see hollandaise sauce recipe) Enjoy!

Breakfast · Keto Lemon Ricotta Pancakes · Low Carb Dish · Low Carb treats · Sweet Treats

Keto Lemon Ricotta pancakes

You’ll need:

4 eggs

2 tbsp almond four

1/4 tsp lemon extract

1 tbsp sweetener

4 tbsp ricotta cheese

1 tsp baking powder

First you must separate the eggs. The yolks in one bowl and whites in another. With a mixer, beat egg whites until they form a peek about 3-6 minutes. Make sure they are nice and firm, then add in your sweetener and lemon extract.

In other bowl with yolks add ricotta cheese, baking powder and almond flour. Beat with beater to mix and then gently fold in the beaten egg whites. Try not to break the whites when folding in the yolks.

In low heat in pan spray with cooking spray so it doesn’t stick (do this each time) add fluffy batter to heated pan don’t over heat or it will burn. You want a good warm pan to cook but not to hot. Cover pan after batter is added and leave covered for 40-60 seconds. Lift and check if it is ready to be flipped. Should be firm enough to not fall apart. Flip and cook other side about same time, remove and set onto plate. Repeat until batter is gone. Should made 6 good size pancakes! Top with your choices of toppings I use whipped cream, berries and sugar free syrup! enjoy!!!

Chicken · Dinner · Low Carb Dish

Hummus crusted chicken breast

You’ll need:

2-4 Chicken breast halved lengthwise

1/2 cup Leftover hummus

4-6 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

(Chimichurri recipe for green sauce)

Make sure your chicken breast are thin enough so they cook fairly quick. About as think as chicken tenders, you can use chicken tenders if you would like! Then all you do is salt and pepper both sides of chicken then coat one side chicken with a coat of hummus. In skilled heat oil so it’s sizzling then drop in chicken with hummus side down let cook for 3 minutes so it vegans to crust. Smear other side of chicken with hummus then turn over and seat other side another 3 minutes. Place into ore heated oven at 400 for 4 minutes to make sure chicken is cooked clear through. That’s is! How easy! Serve hot or cold! Enjoy!

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Guinness Instapot Corned beef

You’ll need:

4 lbs corned beef brisket package with seasoning.

1 14.9oz can Guinness

1 medium yellow onion cubed

2 large carrots cubed

3 celery stalks halved

4 red potatoes halved

1/2 he’d of cabbage quartered and placed inside.

Pickling seasoning from packet (or your own)

Than place everything into you instantpot and turn on high setting and cook for 60 minutes. I did two roasts and doubled recipe and it was perfect fall apart juicy I almost couldn’t control myself with stuffing it my mouth as I was trying to put in into the serving platter!šŸ¤£

To make Ruben Sandwich out of the corned beef. see Rubens recipe.

To serve place into platter slice or shred and serve with veggies and crusty Irish bread and a cheese dip! Yum (see Guinness cheese dip recipe) šŸ˜‰

Chicken · Dinner · Low Carb Dish

Lemon and stone ground mustard chicken

You’ll need:

6-8 chicken thighs skin on or off your choice

4 tbsp whole grain mustard

3 tbsp lemon juice

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tbsp dried thyme

3 tbsp capers

3 tbsp chopped fresh dill

2 lemons sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 275. Then get chicken in either a glass baking pan or a cast iron pan. Then salt and pepper the “skin” side up. Then in a bowl or measuring cup add oil, mustard, lemon juice, thyme, and dill. Mix well and then spoon over the top of each chicken piece. Add sliced lemons around in pan and sprinkle capers around evenly. Then place into oven uncovered for an hour. If you want a crispier skin you can leave a little longer but you don’t over cook and dry out chicken either so maybe 15 minutes longer max to avoid dry chicken. Then remove chicken and place into serving bowl. Sprinkle with fresh dill and serve with a lemon wedge.

I like to make a lemon sauce so I pour out the juice that has cooked off the chicken. Add 4 tbsp butter to pan and 2 tbsp flour and make a rue. As soon as in a paste form add back a little of the chicken drippings about a half cup at a time and stirring until flour mix smoothies into the juice then add a little more. Do this for about a cup of broth. Then add in 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1 tbsp lemon juice and bring to a simmer. As salt and pepper to taste and enjoy! I serve pasta with this.

To assemble place cooked pasta a pound, and place into serving bowl, pour sauce over top and mix. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and then top with a piece of chicken a lemon wedge and Enjoy!! šŸ˜‰

Appetizers · Chicken · Dinner · Dressings & Marinades · Low Carb Dish

Crispy baked wings

You’ll need:

4 lbs chicken wings and drummies

1 bottle franks red hot

1 stick salted butter

Celery stalks


Ranch dressing

For crispy baked chicken this is the way to go! Make sure chicken is thawed. In a stock pot bring 8 cups water to a boil. Drop in chicken and boil for 8 minutes drain and then pay dry each chicken wing. It’s important to remove as much water as possible to get nice crispy chicken. Heat oven to 450 degrees and on a non stick pan stay well with cooking spray. Place chicken in single row into pan and then bake for 15-2″ minutes in middle rack. Make sure the chicken is looking nice and golden brown then remove from oven flip each piece and cook another 5-7 minutes until both sides are a nice golden brown. Remove and place into bowl. In a measuring cup pour 1 1-/2 cups hot sauce and add stick of butter place into microwave and heat, stir until butter is melted and smooth with hot sauce. Pour over top of chicken wings and coat each one. Slice celery and carrot sticks and put ranch into serving bowl. Pour chicken into serving tray and arrange celery and carrots and place ranch. Enjoy!

Chicken · Dinner · InstaPot · Low Carb Dish · Lunch

Quick shredded chicken (Mexican chicken)

You’ll need:

4 medium chicken breast (4 cups shredded)

1 yellow onion diced (1 cup)

1 packet taco seasoning

1 tbsp garlic salt

6 tbsp butter or bacon grease

Salt and pepper

1/2 cup fresh Cilantro

I like to buy bulk packs of chicken and cook in bulk. So when I buy a big pack of chicken for the week I will pre cook the chicken, leave some whole and shred some. I freeze them and take them out when needed for fast cooked chicken. You can also place chicken in pressure cooker and set to 8-10 minutes and cook chicken, remove and shred.

Once you have shredded chicken your almost done. In a sautĆ© pan add butter or bacon grease to pan and sautĆ© onions until translucent. Add the chicken to pan and 1/2 cup chicken broth. (When I freeze pre made chicken I freeze broth with it šŸ˜‰) or just use boxed broth. Add in taco season packet, garlic salt and chopped cilantro. (Keep some for garnish) let simmer for 4-6 minutes for seasoning to meld with chicken. Salt and pepper to taste. To keep warm for serving(tacos, use for nachos, or burritos) place into crock pot on low! Enjoy

I like to have a taco bar for easy parties. Serve with shredded lettuce, grated cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced jalapeƱos, sliced back olives, salsa, sour cream and cilantro. Can also serve a side of beans and rice! šŸ˜‰

Appetizers · Dinner · Low Carb Dish · Lunch · Side Dishes

Stuffed jalapeƱos with bacon & pomegranates

You’ll need:

6-8 Large jalapeƱos

6oz cream cheese

1 tbsp dry ranch seasoning

Cooked bacon bites

Fresh pomegranate

First slice jalapeƱos lengthwise and take out seeds and membrane. In a microwave safe bowl place cream cheese and heat so it is soft and stir until smooth. Add in ranch seasoning and mix well. Take a spoon and fill each jalapeƱo with cream cheese. Place into a baking sheet add 4-6 pomegranate seeds to each jalapeƱo then place into oven preheated to 375 degrees. Bake for 7-10 minutes until skin of jalapeƱo begins to wrinkle. Remove add bacon bites to top and garnish on serving tray with extra bacon bites, pomegranate and fresh parsley. Enjoy!!

Appetizers · Dinner · Low Carb Dish · Lunch · SeaFood · Side Dishes

Zucchini ribbons & Cod in white wine sauce

You’ll need: (makes 6 servings)

6-8 cod filets 4oz or so

4 zucchini’s sliced into ribbons with peeler

1- 12oz jar artichoke hearts quartered

1 cup cherry tomatoes sliced in half

6 radishes sliced then sliced lengthwise into thin strips (gives it a nice crunch)

1 sliced shallot

2 cup white wine

8 tbsp butter

3 tbsp fresh dill chopped (more for garnishing)

2 tbsp capers

2 lemons

1 tbsp red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper

First dry off each piece of cod then salt and pepper. Add 2 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp olive oil to sautĆ© pan and heat. Then quickly drop fish in and brown both sides about 4 minutes on each side. (When fish is flaky it is done don’t over cook) Remove fish from pan and set in plate tented with foil to keep warm. In same pan add shallots and sautĆ© until translucent about 2 minutes. Then add in white wine and remaining butter. Bring to a boil and let reduce a little (about 3 minutes boiling) then add in red pepper flakes and chopped dill. Let boil another minute then pour sauce into bowl. In same pan drizzle with olive oil and add 1 clove chopped garlic and sautĆ© until soft then drop In artichokes and cherry tomatoes let heat and brown just a touch. Then add in zucchini ribbons and drizzle with oil, sprinkle salt and pepper and add capers. Give a square ride of 1/2 a lemon over veggies and sautĆ© only about 30-45 seconds so zucchini doesn’t become mushy. Divid veggies evenly into each plate, then top with Cod, pour about 4-6 tbsp of sauce over fish and veggies. Top with fresh dill, sliced radishes and serve with small lemon wedge. Enjoy!!